What we do

The Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums is a community-based military style marching band located in the beautiful seaside town of Southwold. We play a range of music from military marches to classical popular songs at events around the East of England.


Although corps of drums like ours originated from the military marching bands that used to send soldiers into battle, we rarely see a battlefield (and if we do, it’s one that hasn’t been used in many years)! As a modern corps of drums we spend our time performing great music at events around Suffolk and the East of England.

We give about twenty performances a year at various festivals, parades, fêtes, remembrance days, ceremonies and Christmas celebrations. The music we play varies depending on the event – it could be a traditional military march for Remembrance Sunday like Dambusters, or a popular song at a summer fête like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We can arrange our music around themes if your event has one, and can sometimes help with requests, as long as they are made early!

If you would like the Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums to play at your event, please get in contact via our booking page. We are a not-for-profit organisation and so our fees are set to cover running and maintenance costs only.


Performing in public is one of the most exciting parts of being in the band, and provides a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun and see different parts of the country.

All this playing does require a little practice, which we do for two and a half hours a week: 6:30 – 7:30 on Wednesday evening and 10:00 – 11:30 on Sunday morning, in Southwold’s Stella Peskett Millennium Hall. During these sessions we spend time working on new songs and routines (which is always entertaining) and practicing for the next public performance.