Join the Band

The Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums is a community-based military style marching band located in the beautiful coastal town of Southwold, Suffolk. For more than thirty years we have been playing great music at events all around East Anglia, bringing smiles to thousands of people’s faces and having lots of fun in the process.

We welcome new band members of any ability, and any age from seven upwards – all that matters to us is that you’re keen to give it a go. Membership is completely free, and though it’s fantastic if you have musical experience, you don’t have to have played an instrument before or know anything about reading music. A bit of enthusiasm is all you need; we will teach you the rest. We hold two practices a week at the Stella Peskett Millenium Hall in Southwold, 6:30 – 7:30 on Wednesday evening and 10:00 – 11:30 on Sunday morning, so you’ll have plenty of time to grow in confidence.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if you want to find out more: 07955 694500


In marching music the drumbeat is like a musical heartbeat: it keeps every other instrument playing in time. Bass Drums and Tenor Drums are therefore a very important part of our band’s sound – after all, without drummers we wouldn’t be a corps of drums! Then with the beat in place, the Snare Drums supply the rhythm.

We are currently looking for a new Bass Drum player. If you already play the drums or feel as though you have a strong natural rhythm and could carry the big Bass Drum, this might be the perfect role for you.

Drum Major

We are also looking for a new Drum Major. This is the person who leads the band and carries the Mace. The Drum Major gives the signals to start and stop the band and controls where they go! Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like it before; we can teach you all you need to know, and if you have a loud voice and are reasonably tall, you’ll take to this role like a duck to water.


We also have a range of other wonderful instruments including bell lyres, recorders, flutes, bugles and cymbals, which all contribute something exciting to the band and help to create the melody of the music. When you join we can help you choose the instrument best suited to your strengths and which you will enjoy playing the most.

Musical Director

If you are already an experienced musician, you might want to take on the role of Musical Director. This is a vital role within the band, and an incredibly fulfilling one. Not only would you be responsible for building the structure of the routines we play, suggesting the types of music played and leading the musical tuition at practices, you would be the person to thank for keeping this wonderful musical tradition alive.

Our current Musical Director is stepping down at the end of 2014, after a long and happy term in service. If you are keen to take on the mantle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Standard Bearer

The Standard Bearer is the person who marches at the back of the band and who carries the band flag, which is known as the Standard. The Standard Bearer has to march to the front of the band on certain occasions and lower the standard when certain music such as the national anthem or the general salute is played. The Standard Bearer also carries the Standard into church and presents it to be laid up during a service, which forms part of a long-standing tradition.


You don’t have to play an instrument to be a member of the band, either. We always need kind people to help out with the regular and occasional tasks of keeping the band running such as fixing uniforms, assisting with transport, walking with us at parades and lending a hand with administration. If you would like to help keep this important Southwold and Reydon tradition going and can spare a little time, no matter how much or how little, we would love to have you.

Please note that all our senior band leaders are CRB checked.